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MoneySent is a mobile app enabling clients to connect conveniently in order to send, receive money, and make payments. A social media feature allows users to create money-saving groups, advertise products and do fundraising.

As a fin-tech app, MoneySent closes the gap between the banked and non-banked, making it possible to move any amount of money


24/7 Support

Customer support is our main focus, talk to us anytime. Our 24/7 live support team is always on the go to support and resolve your concerns.

Data Privacy

MoneySent ensures the safety of our clientele’s data and information. Your data is safe with us, you may refer to our Privacy Policy.

Easy Download

Click to download, it has a small footprint in both iOS and Android, with great features and is user friendly! Download Now.

Why choose MoneySent to

Send money today

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Register once with MoneySent for any future transactions and other services.

diaspora low cost


MoneySent charges the lowest fees and offers the best exchange rates.

diaspora fast


Send money to family and friends, instantly always.

diaspora click send


Open your Mobile App, click send.

diaspora sending to


Paste reciever's ID or scan their QRcode.

diaspora confirm


Cross check your transaction details below to make sure you are sending to the right person.

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Confirm with your PIN or FINGER PRINT to confirm transaction, both the sender and the receiver will receive a notification of the successful transaction.

MoneySent App Features

MoneySent App has a collective number of unique features, to mention but a few.

Features Moneysent App


MoneySent App design fulfils the objective it was created for with it's unique characters, it is easily effective and memorable.


A Social Integration, Allow Customization, Eliminate Clicks, Include Analytics, Maintain Relevancy, Feedback system.


MoneySent App software interface is easy to use, learn or understand, it's navigation tools are clear to even the first time user.


MoneySent code is secure, easy to understand, easy to maintain, easy to read, whether the reader is the original author of the code or somebody else.


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